Warhammer Quest 2 앱 리뷰

Fun but short game for a purchased app

10 story missions and then it’s done.... however, for 10 dollars you can purchase two additional missions. Just make this game 4.99 and make all the missions available. Way to short to enjoy thouroughly.

Blessing of the lady bug.

He it says restore 10hp to all in the surround area the only person who gets healed is the person who casts it.

Character Color Options Don’t Stay

I love this game but, on iPhone X, character color options are now stuck on white/white. User color selections are ignored once the dungeon starts.

What a Shame.

Quest 1 was such a great game that could only get better...then came this team that screwed it up. How is it possible to screw up such a good game?? This is the same team that developed Quest 1?? Too many screw ups to list...not worth anymore of my time.

May or may not save after hours of play

This game is great looking with some interesting upgrades and I was enjoying my character progression but then... After playing near an hour on my iPhone 8plus I stopped playing. Later in the day, I picked up my iPad to continue via iCloud save feature. Weird. It hadn’t synced the save. No problem, let me check my phone again... Everything I did was not available. Instead I had an older save. All the level upgrades I bought, campaign I advanced, hard-to-find weapons purchased, gold acquired, all wiped out. GONE. You can’t play a campaign game with character progression and have a faulty save feature. Save yourself the frustration and find another game.

It’s like the original, but worse

I really want to like this game. I love WH quest 1 and still play from time to time. This game has less crisp graphics, worse play dynamics (e.g WHQ 1 let you move all your action points and then attack but in WHQ2 attacking and moving draw from the same pool meaning that you have to keep watching how many spaces you can move by totaling the number of AP points you have, then subtract how many AP points your attack costs, which is often 2, and then only move that far - this makes each move painfully slow to do, compared to WH1s easy to do system), harder to navigate towns, slower gameplay during battles, an equipment inventory I haven’t yet managed to locate, and more. It also has fewer dungeons and heroes in the base version. If you’ve not yet got WHQ1, get that instead. If you do have WHQ2, just keep playing that. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad game, it’s just worse than its predecessor quite substantially. A wasted opportunity.

Overpriced for full game

Got this game when it was 0.99¢ and I really do like it. The big problem and why I’m giving it 1 star is the horrible IAP’s. 5$ per expansion that has less levels then what the original game had, 2.99$ per extra type of character and I believe there is about 7 more. So in short I’m not paying 21$ to unlock a full game and the game gets 1 star because of the horrible price gouging in game.

Fun but need Bug fix

At the moment I am enjoying the game. I am looking to continue further and buy more of the content packs. But there is one very bad bug that needs to be fixed before I pay for the next packs or character packs. Bug: AOE weapons that has a range does not allow the character to shoot/throw past the current character. (Bombs, Pistol of Exploding bullets, Scoll fireball and couple others. These items have 3x3 or bigger area damage and is a range weapon. But you can not target any character past adjacent block of the weapon holder. Which means your character also receive the damage if used. There are some good weapons that would have help my play store but are worthless in game. I hope the Devs fix this. Is so I moving the stars to 5!!! Graphics are nice. Characters are just a few races but you can get more ade additional heros. Currently enjoying except for the bug above. Easy to get the hang of and play. A little grindy for gold, but hey this is a RPG.

More is less

I reviewed this game poorly when it was new, on the grounds that it was exactly like WHQ1, except less interesting. Well, now new material has been added. Is it an improvement? Well, no. It’s the exact same problem. All the “new equipment” is just the class specific gear for characters who bring NOTHING interesting to the table. They just dilute the loot so you are LESS likely to get anything useful. Once again, they have made the upgrade worse than its predecessor. I’d like to see game changers, like teleport, summon, heal, or steampunk or something. I’d like to see maps that require new strategies, new classes of opponent that feel qualitatively different. New environments, like shipboard, catwalks we might fall from, elven cities in the trees with destructible environments for us to protect. New weapons, like useful guns, a throwing axe that returns, vampiric blades for, you know, the vampire. For that matter, vampiric powers for a vampire. maybe mind control. Enemy characters with names and personalities. Exploration with more risks and rewards. A medical character in town, so you don.t have to promote to heal, since that becomes prohibitive later. Difficulty that scales by how far you roam, or what missions you choose to accept, rather than to the character or not at all. New kinds of monsters with differing strategies and powers. New buffs. New armors that change play. I’m not talking about rewriting the engine, just bring a modicum of imagination to the table. Oh, yeah, and pick up the pace a bit.

Great Game

Why aren’t stats explained? What does dexterity do exactly??

The game is fun but...

I love Warhammer, but I find this game overly repetitive. And I hate that there is no open maps. When you get ambushed, shouldn’t have to walk into a castle... still fun though...

Bug report

Item Token of the hunter king which used by wardancer can’t work


Why is this game so cheap? So freaking fun and have been at it for hours with no additional cost.

Good devs

Game is great. Still a couple of bugs but reached out to devs and they responded quickly that they are on top of it. Safe game to drop a couple bucks on for weeks of entertainment

Too expensive.

So I bought the game itself on sale for only a dollar. "What a great deal!" I thought. Turns out that you only get a small fragment of the game, then you have to pay upwards of $20 for the rest of it. This wasn't clearly stated in the description, and I feel ripped off even if it was only a buck. I didn't intend to pay money for a demo of a game. I'm not even sure how this is legal, it's completely false advertising.


The game is fun but the game is to hard at act three. Also the level design can be pretty dumb. The time you get the elf all the enemies have massive piercing weapon reductions beside two of them you rarely see and die to anything in one hit anyway, making them useless, and the ambush mechanic isn’t used for Keeping the player at a faster pace so he needs to rush through the dungeon, it’s used at random and no matter what five new enemies just teleport to you. A good strategy for starters is a great sword wielding captain with full plate. He can just stand where he is and cleave through gor herds and Minotaurs. Also when you get the fire hammer I did not use it cause the fire it creates on the tile blocks you and the fire damage overtime is to small to make a difference as in if a pox zombie has 12 health and takes 6 damage from the fire then next turn he takes four, but even if he doesn’t take fire damage he still is going to die to the next six damage, and now the fire is blocking your way unless your willing to take the four chip damage for three turns (you never want to take chip damage)

Worth it

As a fan of the first warhammer quest, I kept my eye on this game for a long time. Recently bought on sale and very pleased. People have posted negatively about this title. Let me speak to the issues. 1. Bugs: The title seems to have been buggy on launch. So far I haven’t noticed issues with the current build. 2. Differences from the first Warhammer Quest: these include condensing movement and attack into one pool of action points, and things like hero impermanence. The latter is a big one. It’s often better to hire a new hero than level up. Equipment and skill kits are often cheaper on a new hero than with individual purchases. 3. Misunderstanding of game mechanics. I read a review several times complaining that a mage got strength on a level up. Strength is the damage dealing stat for all classes including mages. 4. Microtransactions: personally I don’t mind paying additional cash if the content is worth it. I vastly prefer a game selling content than a game that starves me of energy or some similar mechanic, forcing me to pay to play. Overall at this point I’d say this is a worthy successor. If you enjoyed the first I think there’s much to enjoy here.

Its okay ...

The gameplay is familiar... the weapons and skills are ok ... the worst thing about this game is the enemy spamming , you could be “surprised “ by enemies so many times and they are so annoying ... The quality of graphics and stability of game are very high ... wish there was a faster gameplay option , it can be slow moving overall

Crashes on Open

The issue is now fixed I can load and play. Got through to devs. They were great revised my review. I had corrupt save data.

Fun but limited

Great RPG/ turn-based strategy game. Smooth difficulty curve, interesting build opportunities, requires some tactical variation encounter to encounter (until you hit those optimal builds that is). Unfortunately there are only 10 story missions and 4 classes included in the initial purchase, with two additional campaigns for $5 each and a handful of classes for $e each. Theres also no bulk purchase option to unlock the entire game for a reasonable fee. This adds up to $28 ON TOP of the price of the original game. The game is fun, but ultimately it looks and plays like a phone game.

Great Game

Smooth game play and graphics, AI is ok all in all great game to pass the time with well worth the money to get the app.

Fun but money trap

The game is cool but a let down. They only reward you with characters you already have, thus forcing you to BUY the more powerful ones for cash. Also, leveling up is ridiculous, my magic user gains strength and my warrior gets intelligence??? Definitely look at other games, I know I will.

Okay, not as good as the original

Fun but lacks polish of the original WQ game for iOS. Deathblows seem to randomly occur during the middle of combat and then don’t happen as they should when a monster is killed. Many ranged AoE spells and equipment are forced to target the local character. No clear leveling path to see what abilities are gained so you just have to spend the gold and hope it is good. Also great when the game stops registering input halfway through a dungeon.

An underwhelming follow up to the original Quest

The original Warhammer Quest app was a fun dungeon crawl with enough new things to keep you interested. It feels like the programmers took everything that worked well in that one and made it worse. The game crashes at least once or twice a dungeon. The interface for gear and character info is slow and sloppy. Gold trickles in slowly in an attempt to get you to pay for in game purchases. No pride in the Warhammer name, apparently. Skip it. (or just go back and play the original a few more times)

Good game but leveling up stinks

The graphics in this game are amazing. Overall it’s a great game. My one big problem with it is that leveling up just stinks. I spend 400 gold to level up and I get +1 intelligence?!? Come on, how is that supposed to help my characters fight??

Buggy game

I like the game, but it got a lot of problems, from lack of proper explanation in-game to bugs that affect game play. The show stopper for me is a bug that prevents characters from moving. I have to keep restarting the game and can’t get past the current mission. With all this, it certainly isn’t worth the money.

Fun but come on.

The worst thing about the first game was the excessive random enemy spawns in the middle of a fight. Yup, they doubled down on that. Should leave the ability for random spawns but limit the number that can occur per dungeon or something. When the luck is not with you, an endless hoard will grind your game into pure irritation.

Far Superior To Its Predecessor

Syncs seamlessly between iOS devices Beautiful graphics Get this if you love turn based strategy games with RPG progression! The difficulty is no joke but everything is beatable once you master the tactics. 9/10 on App Spy and Pocket Tactics. I installed this in May 2018 and it’s very stable on both my late model iPhone and iPad devices. I like the Deathwatch game, too, but it hasn’t been updated for two years. I believe there’s an expansion in the works for this one.

Kinda repetitive.

Micro sales. But helps pass the time on a long flight

Shield Problem!

For some reason when my EC swaps to his shield in battle it gets larger it seems something went wrong in coding it’s pretty funny but it can get annoying, thanks!

Better 1st time

Unfortunately wh quest 2 is a cheap knockoff of the first game, with nothing new to offer and less options than the first.

This is not an RPG

This is a hack and slash dungeon crawler. There is nothing about this game that is not directly or indirectly related to combat. If you want a real RPG, you should go anywhere else but this game. IMO, the developers have done themselves and this game a grave disservice by calling it an RPG.

Great turn based tactical game

Thanks for the additional content


I absolutely loved the first, I still play it. The thing that made it awesome and standout, was that movement points, and fighting points were separated. Not sure why they ruined that.

Plays like a playable Beta

I’ve played WHQ 1 more than all other gaming apps combined over the years. I’m a hardcore fan of most things WarHammer. I opened a brand New IPAD I was going to return just for this! Play testing and adjustments? Most attacks land to the point of overkill no matter what and some effects and spells have their positive or negative results go off weather the attempt was successful or not. Many updates later and the game still has so many glaring unpolished issues. In my opinion too much that wasn’t broken as far as game mechanics, structured rules and artistic rendition was changed just because and quite frankly isn’t as good as the first of the series. I just don’t understand.....😞 This F@c#$ me up internally as I was preparing to be AWOL from work focused on this game....



Needed tweaking

Don’t get to hung up on comparing this game to the first . The game is a step up graphically from the first one . The game play is a little harder because line of site is needed . Weapons and equipment features need adjustments . I gave the first game five stars. This game is well on its way to five stars . The developers respond to feed back wich is one star right there .

Great looking game that makes me miss WHQ1

Almost none of the issues from the initial release were addressed. Still too easy. Lacks strategy from WHQ1. Gold is too hard to come by, and the fact that you can buy gold for real cash makes that seems even worse. Map still shows no info. Sound is still wonky at times. Now there are 3 new characters for $3 each and a new campaign for 5$. So for 14$ more you can get more of what got a game that should have been amazing a sad 2-3* rating. Such a missed opportunity. 😟

Money grab

Quite simply, this is a money grab, even worse than the first part. Want to level up? Pay. Heal? Pay. Get a new character other than the default? Pay.

Don’t let the bad reviews fool you...

I played the first WH Quest and this one is even better! Sweet game, great graphics, cool combat dynamics....this will scratch my dungeon crawl itch for a while. Two thumbs up!

Great game

Graphics and gameplay are top notch.

Needs an update badly to fix bugs.

I want to love this game so badly. The bugs though make it hard to like. Every AOE weapon and spell does not work properly. It just targets the person casting it and nothing else. If they fixed that then this would be a five star game no doubt. As is though...2 stars. It’s playable but super frustrating knowing that a lot of the functionality is not working as intended.

Seems to address a few issues

I had a review before where Perchang responded but don’t know why it’s gone now. So I will re-review again with suggestions. 1. I like that we have an inventory management system now, but it took about of guessing on how to get to it. Should devs prepare an instruction manual? Seems like after the tutorial, we are on our own. 2. Still haven’t figured out how to sell my extra characters. Again, a tutorial may help, or in game text guide. 3. Random dungeon crawl quest icons still need further optimization. Some are still stuck in mid air and the reward cannot be claimed when finished. It says I gained “XXX” but it does not show in inventory. 4. Reward description is still needed for the dungeon crawl icon. No idea on item reward stats until I finish dungeon makes it difficult to choose if partake in the quest or not.


This is worse than the first, you have very limited actions, your hit chances are practically nonexistent, and when you do hit, you do about 3 damage, not only because you are underpowered, thanks to poorly explained and implemented weapon resistance system, why didn’t you keep the separate attacks and movement from the original game?!

Massive Money Grab

What you are buying is ten maps ... every aspect of the game has to be bought in ten map increments, and new classes also have to be purchased ...........

A lot of potential, but still very glitchy

There are still bugs in this game. It crashed on my once already and items do not work as described. For example none of the empire captains ranged weapons are actually ranged, they just blow up around him.

Definitely Recommended

Overall this is a very good game, & certainly recommended. For those thinking Diablo style, know that this is a turn-based RPG, based upon an old table top game. It’s not necessary at all to be familiar with that game; it’s easy to dive into. Fantastic world & background story in Warhammer world, though the game could make more use of this too. Graphics & Sound - Excellent, great atmosphere, polished. Interface - Overall it’s quite good, smooth. Bugs - No crashing or saving problems. Odd spelling error, but minor. (No I’m not meaning using World/International English; am in the US but still realize that more ppl in the world this form of English than US English.) IAP’s - Not unreasonable for extra character classes if comparing to cost of real (tabletop) game etc at all. They are unnecessary in order to play game. Can buy a new char class for price of a coffee. More content for each chapter would be fair though & still leave room for being ok paying for next one. Biggest problem is that gold comes too slowly later, however, which pushes to either grind or go without. With grinding you can’t even pay to level up a char, and when do, can never catch up to where should be. Suggestions to Designers- 1- Include one mention of LOS issues/tips in a tutorial. 2- List the 3 armor save %’s when you inspect the character. Ppl should not have to calculate by inspecting each item to add in head (remove line spacing with other headings on the left and there is easily room). 3- Increase amount on gold treasure cards, avoids player frustration w/ feeling pushed for IAP gold. Understand need business model, but relative resentment on reviews here will outweigh gains from those who will purchase. Tips - 1- You can move more than one character at a time. 2- For some items, such as cloaks, you can actually use more than one of the same type. 3- Healing items can make all the difference. 4- Sometimes holding chars back in narrow space the most effective. Overall - A really fun game. Though missing the amount of content of the first one (on initial purchase) it shows promise with its improved graphics and more up to date interface. I’m happy to invest a bit on the (optional, minus gold late in game perhaps) IAPs to support the ongoing improvements in a great game.

Game is enjoyable... Like the iPhone X support BUT...

Game drains battery BAD. Heats up the device a lot too. Hopefully that can be improved.

A shallow follow-through

My review of this game keeps mysteriously vanishing... It is not as good as the original Warhammer Quest, a true great I had the pleasure of replaying after playing though this mediocre sequel. The graphics and atmosphere of WH2 is good but the gameplay had gone out the window. You’re still facing spiders and boring trash mobs at the end of the game. The new way of leveling and acquiring abilities is a shameless cash-grab, there are fewer items or enemy variety, and classes are not as nuanced or enjoyable. The entire new system was a bad idea. Conclusion: if Warhammer Quest 2 were simply a graphical update to the original, with new items, classes, enemies, and quests it would be ...a vastly better game.

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