Warhammer Quest 2 App Reviews

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Seems to address a few issues

I had a review before where Perchang responded but don’t know why it’s gone now. So I will re-review again with suggestions. 1. I like that we have an inventory management system now, but it took about of guessing on how to get to it. Should devs prepare an instruction manual? Seems like after the tutorial, we are on our own. 2. Still haven’t figured out how to sell my extra characters. Again, a tutorial may help, or in game text guide. 3. Random dungeon crawl quest icons still need further optimization. Some are still stuck in mid air and the reward cannot be claimed when finished. It says I gained “XXX” but it does not show in inventory. 4. Reward description is still needed for the dungeon crawl icon. No idea on item reward stats until I finish dungeon makes it difficult to choose if partake in the quest or not.


This is worse than the first, you have very limited actions, your hit chances are practically nonexistent, and when you do hit, you do about 3 damage, not only because you are underpowered, thanks to poorly explained and implemented weapon resistance system, why didn’t you keep the separate attacks and movement from the original game?!

Massive Money Grab

What you are buying is ten maps ... every aspect of the game has to be bought in ten map increments, and new classes also have to be purchased ...........

Not Even Bad

WHQ2 is everything WHQ1 was and less. Essentially the same graphics, but less variety. Same weapons and spells, but less variety. Same enemies, but weaker and less variety. Same characters, basically, but less variety, less dynamic, and less potent. Bad enough the characters, weapons, spells, and even enemies are nerfed and monotonous, but leveling up is horrible. This is supposedly a premium, not a freemium, game, but you don’t earn nearly enough to keep promoting your characters. Well, I paid for the new lands, so I bit the bullet and bought 50,000 gold. Even that won’t keep you in promotions for long. Then again, I beat the whole game handily with low-level characters. Also, skills do not advance by using, and leveling up brings only random improvements, which are often irrelevant to your class. There literally seems to be not one single improvement in art, options, classes, play, variety, surprise, or challenge. If you like this sort of game, and I do, buy WHQ1.

A lot of potential, but still very glitchy

There are still bugs in this game. It crashed on my once already and items do not work as described. For example none of the empire captains ranged weapons are actually ranged, they just blow up around him.

Definitely Recommended

Overall this is a very good game, & certainly recommended. For those thinking Diablo style, know that this is a turn-based RPG, based upon an old table top game. It’s not necessary at all to be familiar with that game; it’s easy to dive into. Fantastic world & background story in Warhammer world, though the game could make more use of this too. Graphics & Sound - Excellent, great atmosphere, polished. Interface - Overall it’s quite good, smooth. Bugs - No crashing or saving problems. Odd spelling error, but minor. (No I’m not meaning using World/International English; am in the US but still realize that more ppl in the world this form of English than US English.) IAP’s - Not unreasonable for extra character classes if comparing to cost of real (tabletop) game etc at all. They are unnecessary in order to play game. Can buy a new char class for price of a coffee. More content for each chapter would be fair though & still leave room for being ok paying for next one. Biggest problem is that gold comes too slowly later, however, which pushes to either grind or go without. With grinding you can’t even pay to level up a char, and when do, can never catch up to where should be. Suggestions to Designers- 1- Include one mention of LOS issues/tips in a tutorial. 2- List the 3 armor save %’s when you inspect the character. Ppl should not have to calculate by inspecting each item to add in head (remove line spacing with other headings on the left and there is easily room). 3- Increase amount on gold treasure cards, avoids player frustration w/ feeling pushed for IAP gold. Understand need business model, but relative resentment on reviews here will outweigh gains from those who will purchase. Tips - 1- You can move more than one character at a time. 2- For some items, such as cloaks, you can actually use more than one of the same type. 3- Healing items can make all the difference. 4- Sometimes holding chars back in narrow space the most effective. Overall - A really fun game. Though missing the amount of content of the first one (on initial purchase) it shows promise with its improved graphics and more up to date interface. I’m happy to invest a bit on the (optional, minus gold late in game perhaps) IAPs to support the ongoing improvements in a great game.

Game is enjoyable... Like the iPhone X support BUT...

Game drains battery BAD. Heats up the device a lot too. Hopefully that can be improved.

A shallow follow-through

My review of this game keeps mysteriously vanishing... It is not as good as the original Warhammer Quest, a true great I had the pleasure of replaying after playing though this mediocre sequel. The graphics and atmosphere of WH2 is good but the gameplay had gone out the window. You’re still facing spiders and boring trash mobs at the end of the game. The new way of leveling and acquiring abilities is a shameless cash-grab, there are fewer items or enemy variety, and classes are not as nuanced or enjoyable. The entire new system was a bad idea. Conclusion: if Warhammer Quest 2 were simply a graphical update to the original, with new items, classes, enemies, and quests it would be ...a vastly better game.


I loved this game. I spent some money on it, but it wasn’t necessary, just for some additional characters and such. I really enjoyed the play through, BUT... This game was Way too short. I wouldn’t mind buying new campaigns, but none are available... So in short, I spent money, loved playing it, and it was over Way too quick. I need more! Please add Campaigns. I really liked the lay-out: -stunning environments -Fun bosses (need more) -Awesome characters (need more development options) -Loved weapons, there is a lot of room for enhancement -Party dynamics are really good (I did want a better healing spell- maybe a party heal, but there was not enough challenge to merit it yet. -Great story and art work- -loved the lore that WARHAMMER brings, but it COULD totally use more characters, and expansions.

Side quests fixed, great game

Designers fixed many bugs in this this most recent update, looking forward to additional content. As other reviews noted, options to dismiss characters and use leftover action points for retaliation against attacks in the defense round would be great additions. Thanks!

Buggy and limited/expensive; still entertains.

The game feels a bit clunky and slow, because the equipment/weapons are limited, expensive, or locked behind IAP that is all-together twice the base price of the game. I can’t really recommend this; I don’t remember WHQ1 being this unfulfilling, even though it had similar limitations. Regardless, it has kept me entertained in the absence of a fuller-valued Tactics game. A few annoying bugs that need squashing: (1) Dark Elf Soul stealer spell does work with INT stat. (2) hitting attack before Deathblow starts wastes your AP. (3) similarly, AP is drained an extra 1 at times when using the quiver.

$5 for little improvement

It might as well be Warhammer Quest. Nice sounds, graphics, Olde Worlde feel and all that. However, there is no innovation to differentiate it. Like the first game, too expensive and also eats your battery. Well...I just realized that there are only ten maps, unless you pay another $5. -1 star. Your game would have to cost less or offer more to get a better review from me. It’s just not any better than Warhammer Quest, for which I already paid $5.

Still needs work

The script has a ton of typos, such as incorrect tense usage and incorrect word choice. Also, the side quests barely seem to show up. Sometimes when I’m scrolling around the map I will randomly find a quest but these are not not visible and if I click off of them I can never find them again.

1 was better.

I’d like to have my money back on this one. They put in effort on how it looks but the playability is lagging.

Decent but not as good as the first

Decent game. Don’t like that abilities are tied to items instead of receiving abilities upon leveling up like the first one. Game is pretty laggy on my iPad Air 1. Surprisingly laggy to be honest. I like the cast of characters much more in the first game. Ranged characters seem to be much much better than melee characters so far. Haven’t felt the need to run melee now that I’m a few levels in when you can just blast everything with arrows and magic before they have a chance to get close. Haven’t purchased any of the DLC but since it runs so laggy on my iPad I may just wait to see if it releases on STEAM at a later date and pick it up there instead of investing more hours into it.

Money grab, False advertising, not optimized

[update]I didn’t realize that you had to pay an extra five bucks for new types of characters, no finding of them. What’s the point of the inns since most characters don’t matter - you just steal their inventory.It also doesn’t tell you in the App Store that you will have to pay for all content after first 10 levels. Don’t support this company is gouging of customers. The game has no real spell options, they are just range weapons, and therefore no “deep strategic gameplay” as advertised, à la Baldur’s Gate type games. It is very slow and mechanical. No automatic end of turn After player moves are out. Slow transition at end of turn. Even if all dungeon enemies are dead, you still have to fully move all heroes through several rooms to the exit point. Somewhat pretty, but just not very good.

Working now

Thanks for the update


The game has been working great with zero technical problems. Purchasing the additional characters, similar to WHQ 1, also unlocks their gear for purchase from the blacksmith and/or as quest rewards which functions the same for the free starter characters. I really like the gameplay elements of this release, and graphically it is excellent. Thank you for adding individual character screens with the option of a color palette for customization. The only thing I don’t agree with thus far is that if a character is injured, the injury can only be healed by leveling up. But I assume that leveling up is cheaper than healing at a temple so I am okay with it. iPad Air 2 40gb free space before install iOS 11.0.3


Why was I charged twice for the game


Only extra purchase I’ve made was extra region and slayer. No need to buy gold. Just get good. Lol not sure why people think the first game is better. This game is high on replay value. Can’t wait for more. Still haven’t finished the second campaign. Once you get half way through the first a lot of these so called issues go away. Just play the game.

Too slow

Loved the first game but this one has no ability to speed things up. The text scrolling is unbearably slow and there is no ability to speed it up or skip screens. Then there is the combat which also lacks any ability to speed up the AI.

Lost of purchased items

After the unable to complete quest fixed all the purchased by $ disappear??? Dude can u do some proper works?

Why no Rodeo?

The first Warhammer Quest was a great game done by a great developer called Rodeo Games.For some reason GW stepped away from Rodeo and used this new studio for the second title. This games just looks and feels like it wants to be that first Rodeo title but kind of falls short. The first game was much more polished and atmospheric. This one while still ok just is just missing something the first one had. I just don’t understand why GW would have made the move to a developer that really doesn’t have the same experience making this type of game.

Want to love it so bad...

***After recent patch, bugs were fixed so my save game was no longer crashing upon loading. Game works as intended now, and upgraded my rating to reflect that. There still seems to be some issues with equipment modifiers but happy to report I’m thoroughly enjoying the game now.*** Trouble is, as others are saying, its buggy. Too buggy for a paid game in my opinion and too many things that just don’t make sense. I’ve done my best to overlook all the problems because I wanted to play it so bad, but now my game has crashed mid-fight, and my save game will no longer load without crashing while loading. The type of things I’ve looked over until now were extra warriors I couldn’t delete, dumb AI that walks through flames instead of around, abilities that only partially work or won’t add the stated bonus from stats, ranged abilities that won’t fire ranged, to regular crashes. If the bugs can be corrected so I can at least play my saved game, I would increase this rating. Until then it’s unplayable to me as I am not starting another game just because my last one bugged out. Right now I can not recommend this game.


Currently playing now that the DLC was fixed.

Fantastic game (but needs an update)

This is a really amazing game, but right now the only problem is that a small handful of items are nonfunctional for me. I emailed the makers at their website, but no response so far. I havn’t had any problems with the game crashing like some others have described. I’m on the current iOs update, and I’m playing on an iPad Air 2.

Buggy buggy buggy bumpers

Both the initial release and the exceedingly quick update are seriously lacking in quality assurance. I have no idea how many beta testers they had but it wasn't enough. Right now besides updating the OS and reinstalling the application it won't continue from a saved scenario. I will have to wait until the next update just to keep my level 5 characters in play. It's a pretty good game despite that but if you're on the fence about buying this one, unless you're a big fan of the original, wait a few more updates. Also be aware that the rate of money drops lags seriously beyond the pace of leveling, so you well be highly tempted to drop even more cash as you go along for just ordinary game play. Update: Now I have an entirely new team leveled up to 7 and 8 and can’t access the saved game, so no access to the whole team...A SECOND TIME! No more playing until the next update for me and hoping I can access my teams. Version 1.004 Update: So I have come to the conclusion that we, the paying public, are in fact the Beta testers for this product. Games now can resume. Yay! Should have done that before release. Range area effects don’t work. Suppose you have labored to get some good gear, say Asrai longbow, fires at a range of 10 into a 3x3 area. Great for crowd control right? Wrong, because it only fires 3x3 around the Archer. How do you discover this error? Why giving your Beta testers access to the weapons and armor. Anyone who attempts to use area attacks at a distance notices the bug and reports it before people start playing for cash.

Fun but some issues

I am having fun but some things are unclear. I purchased all three classes; greatsword, mage, and slayer and the packs say they come with additional things like armor and runes. I have the classes, but none of the other stuff. Also, stepping in fire seems far too punishing early on. Especially since your group does not auto-avoid it. If you step in fire at level 1 or 2 your are almost certainly dead. Edit: if I knew there were only 10 main levels I never would have paid $5 + $9 iap for this.

Keep paying to keep playing

Can’t level up for lack of gold.

Might be good if I could play...

Game crashes at the end of the opening monologue... really needs some work.


Will write a better review when updated as far as now I just spent 5 bucks and the game crashes before it will even start

Still not fixed...

So I saw other reviews saying it would freeze after the intro but then were updated saying it was fixed. Well I just spent money on this and it freezes after the intro. Lol. Unplayable on iPad running 10.3.3 I'd like a refund or an update. Says it runs on iOS 10 or later.


This game can't even load past the introduction....TEST AND OPTIMIZE YOUR GAMES BEFORE YOU RELEASE THEM. I can't even imagine all the customers you're losing because you rush to put out an poorly optimized game. Don't even waste your time downloading.

Good, but too short

Your $5 gets you 10 (count em!) dungeons of 5-10 rooms each, plus some side quests. It’s a five star game, but not a five star value.

Avoid till fix -UPDATED

Read the update too ! Crashes right after the into, every time. Couldn't even get a look at the game. You would expect a working game if you paid $5 for it... Update : I upgraded my iOS to 11.03, cleared up some memory and it helped. I’m able to start the game. It looks great, I played only 3 maps, and I hope there will be some skills to use not just hacking with weapons. But I have to say it’s a beautiful game. Update #2 : with the new bug fixes I had to update the game. Apparently 3GB free space isn’t enough for the update, so I was unable to do it, and now I can’t even play. Asking for a refund and maybe I’ll get back once it fixed.

Too expensive...

Game has worked fine for me. Loved the first one. However...I am not paying to unlock additional characters after having paid $5 for the game. Disappointing.


work on ios11

Good but needs optimization

How the heck does this thing run better on my iPhone 6s Plus than on my IPad Mini 4? Seriously, this game is amazing but I can only really play it on the IPhone 6s Plus because it lags like hell on the Mini 4- get this fixed and ill give it 5 stars- until then, I gotta dock it 2 stars for poor iPad performance EDIT: lag is fixed everywhere EXCEPT for two areas-the main over world map and main menu. The menu isn’t a big deal but having the overworld map lag sooooo badly is just insanely annoying. I’ll give one star back but am holding the 5th star until the map lag is fixed

Updated review

Since the fix no issues and the game runs wonderful. The ai may be simple, but the mechanics, graphics, story, and of course ip are amazing. Thank you for the fix and response, most developers don’t care. Keep up the great work!!!

Great idea. Please fix it!

This game is just like my favorite classic game Shining Force. Great idea but it seems to be badly executed.please fix. I have already spent money on this game that I can't play because it keeps crashing. Fix it or conduct refunds.

Unable to get past intro - fixed and it’s awesome

I refused to update to IOS 11 and a friend was playing this tonight and it forced me to update. It fixed the issue I had with crashing after the intro, and the game is amazing. Improved on the first game in every way. Great job and I want to applaud the professionalism and customer service of this developer. You have gained a new fan.

Fabulous...but where's my money?

This is a beautiful, addictive game just like the first one and deserves five stars, especially now that the crash bug is fixed (thanks)... However, I paid $2 to get 2000 gold and I can't find the money anywhere. It doesn't show up in my game! Help!

Crashes after intro...

Would love to actually PLAY the game I just paid for but all I get are crashes after the intro. Will change my review once I can consistently play *UPDATE* - Same crap after update. I watch the text intro and bang. Game crashes / closes. Every single time. REFUND please

Fun to play but very buggy

It’s a great game personally for me because I love DnD and all those types of games but what’s really aggravating when my save won’t load and crashes the game so I make a second save and get the same problem so great game but needs work.


Upgrade to iOS 11 and the bugs aren't such an issue. Game is fantastic. I just wish the soundtrack was as good as the original

Paid for items and gold. Didn’t receive them.

I paid for the first two weapon packages (sword and axe) and for 10k gold. Said the transactions went through but I don’t have any extra gold or the items. The first game was great, but paying for items and not receiving them is a huge problem.

Doesn’t work

The update fixed a few bugs, but there are still some issues. I opened the game on my phone while it was running in the background on my iPad at home. End result? I now can’t oipen the game on either device without it crashing. Therefore, I have lost a team of fifth level characters. I love Warhammer, but I’m going to be wary of plunking down cash for extra gold until the game stabilizes.

Too simple

Great graphics, decent story, simple and repetitive combat. Leveling takes in game currency and you don’t actually get to pick stats or perks or anything. It’s not obvious money grab but the created a lot of content to not give you for your initial $5. Plus they sell you the in game coins too.

Game is mediocre

The gameplay is mediocre. It feels like a lot of time was spent making it look nice, but sadly almost everything else is a step backwards from WHQ1. The mechanics are opaque and largely unexplained, the UI is painful to use, there are no difficulty settings, the balance feels off, it's just bland and vanilla. Maybe the developers can enhance it down the road, but my initial impressions are that it feels like early access and we are the beta testers.

Awesome and must buy now!

This an awesome game and for the most part it’s polished. If u like the first one this is no brainer. When I finished stage 3 moving onto stage 4 but got ambushed and 2 of my warrior got insured and died. The game crashed. When I restart the game, it goes back to the last move, and of course, died and the game keeps crashing and looping back to the last dying move. I’m on ios11 12.9 Pro. Please fix so I can continue the game! Edit: it’s fixed now, thanks! I also bought the expansion pack, totally worth it with more chapters to play. Updated to 5 stars!

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